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And note this: covid-19-restrictions are not ruling your freedom in the Norwegian mountains anymore!

Fondsbu is one of the most popular huts in Jotunheimen mountains, located at the lake of Bygdin in the historic place of Eidsbugarden. You will be welcomed by a friendly and familylike atmosphere, and the sound of laughter, the delicious scent of local produce being prepared for the next meal and warmth. You can feel the heartbeat of the house as soon as you enter the door.

Enjoying work
Enjoying work Foto: Solbjørg Kvålshaugen


Fondsbu has 100 bunks; there are 17 rooms with two bunks and 10 with four bunks; and there are 26 bunks in the dormitory, each divided in "lockers" with doubles or singles. In the main building (totally renovated in 2006) there are 12 twin rooms, aand in the annex (new in 1999) there are 5 twin rooms and 10 quadruppel rooms. There are toilets, showers and a drying room in both buildings. Moreover, the rooms with two bunks in the main building have sinks with hot and cold water.

The living room has fireplace, and a library on the attic. Fondsbu is known for it's cosy and homely atmosphere.


Fondsbu, Eidsbugarden, 2985 Tyinkrysset

Contact info: or +47 970 74 218


Mrs. Solbjørg Kvålshaugen. She has been the host of Fondsbu since winter 2002.

We prefer mail for booking; 


In summer, there's a daily bus (until end of August) from Oslo or Bergen to Tyinkrysset and onward to Fondsbu located at Eidsbugarden, at the end of  National Road 252. The bus must be prebooked before 17.00 the day before on phone no: +47 46 30 46 30. Buses further to Oslo or Bergen: or -

 Another approach is from the east, by bus or car on National Road 51 to Bygdin and by passenger boat on the lake to Fondsbu.

In winter, there are daily bus services from Oslo and Årdal to Tyin. From Tyin, tracked vehicle or snowmobile services to Fondsbu are available upon advance booking. You also may drive to Tyin on E16, and there is a carpark there. From Tyin to Fondsbu, it's about 20 km along a staked route, an easy ski tour in fantastic terrain. If you wish, you may send your baggage with the tracked vehicle.


We also recommend to download the app: - where you can find all public transport all over Norway



Fondsbu view
Fondsbu view Foto: Solbjørg Kvalshaugen
Uranostind Foto: Morten Helgesen

It's magic. It's magnificent: True Magic Mountain Moments awaits you during your stay at Fondsbu: This area is perfect for ascending a multitude of peaks from the elevation of 1300 mas and up to 2300 mas, crossing glaciers or hiking in friendly terrain enjoying the extraordianary flora along the lake or in the valleys. There is trout in the lake, tarns and rivers, an eagle might glide over you, or a grouse be startled. There is amazing view in any direction - and should you search for it, you will perhaps find what you might be looking for more than anything: your true self somewhere inside the sound of silence.